We’re Back and we’re OUTDOORS!

Bristol Valley Theater will be back with live performances of six spectacular shows in Summer of 2021, and we can’t wait to see you again. Of course the safety of our artists, audience and community is our top priority so we have made some changes to insure we can all come together safely. We’ve built an outdoor stage in our parking lot and are presenting all of our summer programming outdoors.  It is an open air venue (without a covering or tent) and therefore subject to the whims of weather. We post weather updates throughout performance dates on our Facebook Page. If you have questions or need further details please check out the information throughout the site, on our Facebook Page, and by clicking the FAQ link above.

Or call us a 585 374 9032!

Playing now through the end of July are Dead Air and Mala! Check out the trailers below!

Can you believe it?
Where there was once a parking lot, we now have a gorgeous new outdoor stage! Our incredible carpentry team built it in just 16 DAYS and we broke it in with a fantastic free concert! Check out the build process in this video!

And remember, BVT needs your support now more than ever.

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