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October 16 – November 30

Four old fashioned mysteries from the Golden Age of Radio!

This year, gather with family around your computer, like folks used to gather around their radios, and enjoy our intrepid troupe of thespians as we bring to life four tales of terror and suspense. We’ve rounded up our usual suspects, Karin Bowersock Ken Corey, Leah Corey, David Dial, Jim Ditmars, Katelyn Machnica and Mark Poppleton, with foley artist Rich Miller on the sound effects.

Each half hour episode can be purchased separately for $5, or get a Mystery Lover’s Pass to watch all four, whenever you choose, for $15. When you purchase your ticket(s), you’ll receive a link and password to use when you’re ready to tune in. (Mystery Lovers will receive all four links and passwords).

Sherlock Holmes and Lights Out will be available to view starting at the witching hour (12:01 a.m. EST) October 16 (and not a moment before!), with Suspense and The Shadow added starting at 12:01 a.m. EST on October 23 (and not a moment before!). All four episodes will be available to enjoy through November 30.

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Can’t get enough mysterious twists and turns? Get four episodes for the price of three with…


The Mystery Lover’s Pass:

All four episodes for $15!

Here’s what’s on our Menu of Murder, Mayhem and the Macabre!

Sherlock Holmes: The Problem of Thor Bridge (1945)

The wife of an American mining magnate is shot dead on Thor Bridge, and it seems the only suspect is the gorgeous governess…that is, until the world’s greatest detective and his old pal Dr. Watson take the case!


Lights Out: Ghost Party (1937)

Mr. and Mrs. Hinkle are known for their extravagant theme parties, but when they treat their guests to a “ghost seance” party, they conjure up more than they bargained for!

Suspense: Ray Bradbury's Zero Hour (1955)

Seven-year-old Mink and her little neighborhood friends are obsessed with a new game they call “Invasion,” guided by a mysterious new friend known only as “Drill.” Could it be more sinister than mere child’s play? Based on a short story by American science fiction/horror icon, Ray Bradbury.

The Shadow: The Long Arm of Death (1954)

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows! Wealthy-socialite-turned-crime- fighter, Lamont Cranston, comes to the rescue of a woman, tormented by her husband’s suicide, who falls prey to a scheming scientist promising to bring hubby back from the dead!