How Can I Support BVT?

Bristol Valley Theater is back! This summer we returned to live, in-person productions and our returning patrons can tell you, the season was remarkable! But things are far from normal still…

Though we have returned inside, theaters across the country are still rebuilding after years of cancelled performances and outdoor theater.  

One thing we know for sure, is that the experiences of 2020 have only emphasized how important live performing arts are to our community– and how important patron support is to keeping arts alive and well. We have been overwhelmed and humbled by your support over the past few years. A massive thank you to the supportive community that has continued to support BVT throughout the years as we bring high-quality live performance to Naples, NY.

Your support allows for the continued enrichment of arts and culture in our community. As we continue our efforts to rebuild, we still need your help. 

Donations can be made by calling 585 374 9032 or online through the link below.