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Summer 2020 Season

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If you loved So Happy Together….

June 11 – 21


Cool Britannia:
From the Fab Four to Adele

The British Invasion may have started in teh 1960’s but from the Fab Four to Adele, from The Stones to Queen to Coldplay, musicians from “across the pond” continue to make a a huge splash in t the American music scene. So join us, mates, for an evening of the best of Britain. We’re sure it will be your cup of tea!




June 25 – July 5

Bad Dates

by Theresa Rebeck

Now that her daughter’s an (angsty) teenager, divorced mom Haley decides to dive back into the dating pool…and finds the waters a little fishier than she remembers. In this sweet and sassy one-woman comedy of bad manners, Haley navigates her way through a bug enthusiast, a cholesterol counter, the Romanian mob, 600 pairs of shoes, and some very bad dates.

(contains some adult language)




July 9 – 19

Popcorn Falls

by James Hindman

Popcorn Falls is in crisis! The county’s diverting the water from the Falls to turn it into a sewage treatment plant. But the good citizens of Popcorn are not going down without a fight. If they can put on a play in one week, they’ll get a grant that will save the town. Two actors play all the zany townsfolk in this hilarious and  warm-hearted comedy.




Tony Award Winner Best Musical!

July 23 – August 2

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder

Book and Lyrics by Robert V. Freeman
Music and Lyrics by Steven Lutvak

Penniless charmer Monty Navarro has just learned that he’s eight in line to be the next Earl of Highhurst!  As Earl he can certainly win back the dwindling affections of the beautiful Sibella, so he sets out to speed up the line of succession by bumping off the other relatives that stand in his way. A murderous musical romp filled with non-stop laughs.



 World Premiere!

August 6 – 16

It’s a Small World (or The Robot Play)

by Amber Palmer

To right an old wrong, Anne agrees to retrieve Cyrus (a robot who once was a coffeemaker and now spouts poetry) who was left behind at Disney World. As these two unusual buddies make the world’s most original road trip from Florida to Canandaigua, they encounter characters animate and inanimate and have adventures both whimsical and oddly touching.
(contains some adult language and situations)






August 20 – 30

Amy and the Orphans

By Lindsey Ferrentino

When their father dies, adult siblings Maggie and Jake face a question: How to break the news to Amy, their sister with Down Syndrome, who lives in a state home?  The three take a memorable road trip to the funeral and find out how little they know about each other. An astonishing play that explores the bonds of family and the limits of love.
(contains some adult language and situations)